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Monday, August 29, 2011

12 weeks old today

I can't believe Hudson's 12 weeks old today!! We had lunch with mimi and mawmaw Jean at Stevie B's to celebrate. Hudson sat in his bumbo seat today and looked like such a big boy. I have very mixed emotions about my sweet baby growing up - on one hand I want him to stay little forever and on the other I'm excited about watching him grow and develop physically, mentally, and spiritually.

As a teacher I always tried to begin each lesson with the "end in mind."  One day my tiny baby boy will be a grown man with a family of his own. What are the character traits I want him to possess? What Biblical truths do I want written on his heart? I want to parent each day with the "end in mind" - the day that Hudson will leave home and take with him everything we've instilled in him. I know Micah and I won't be perfect parents, but I am striving to be intentional in the way we teach and train Hudson. I have the next 6,485 to impact my child for the kingdom of God.